Schengen Countries Visa Application Photo Requirements

Visa Application Photo Requirements

Regardless of the type of visa that you are applying for; visa application to a Schengen country needs to be done the perfect way. Here, you Learn about Schengen Countries Visa Application Photo Requirements. If any instruction is not followed or requirements are left unfulfilled; the visa application form is simply not acceptable by the embassy for further processing. If you have any prior experience of applying for a visa to a Schengen member country, you will already know how particular these countries are about the applicant’s photograph. You learn more about Schengen Visa Information from our website VisaInfoDesk.

Schengen Countries Visa Application Photo Requirements

Photo Requirements:

There are several details about the passport size photograph that is attached (two copies) with the visa application form. Here are all the details that you should know.

Note: You can find out about photo requirements with the official state embassy.

  1. Size:

The size of the photograph is crucial. Most commonly it is specified that the photo should be passport size which makes it dimensions to be 14×14. The length and width of the photo can vary by 2mm on each size respectively.

  1. Face Location:

The location of the face is imperative. Your face in the photograph should be at a specific distance. Your face along with the hair and neck should be visible. Your body should not be visible below the neckline. Your shoulders are not meant to be visible in the photograph. It should also not be too close enough that blurs the vision. A moderate distance that clearly illustrates all facial features accurately is advised.

  1. Brightness and Contrast:

The lighting and brightness of the photograph are essentially crucial as well. The brightness should be moderate, enough to highlight the applicant’s face properly. The photograph should not be very blur nor too sharp. A moderate contrast is best.

  1. Photograph Background:

The background of the picture is very crucial. A dark background is NEVER acceptable. The picture should be set against a light backdrop, preferably light blue color. However, other lighter shades can also opt for include pale yellow, beige and white. Moreover, the background should be completely plain and should not be textured or have any patterns.

  1. Quality:

The quality of the picture should be no less than 600 pixels. Anything below 600 pixels is not acceptable. Moreover, the skin tone of the application should also be kept 100% natural. No skin tone re-touches or edits are acceptable. The wrinkles, moles, pimples or any fine lines on the skin should not be removed.


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