Visa Free Countries for Australian Permanent Residents

Visa Free Countries for Australian Permanent Residents

Australian is a very peaceful nation. This country is included in the highest rank in education, quality of life, political rights and economic freedom. There are Visa Free Countries for Australian Permanent Residents Continue reading for complete information. However, all the facilities and luxuries that are offered by the Australian state are only accessible by permanent Australian residents. If you are a permanent holder of Australian residency then you will be able to work, live, and study legally in Australia.  You learn more about Schengen Visa Information from our website VisaInfoDesk.

What is Meant by Visas Free Countries?

Visa free countries are those countries in which you can enter without a visa for a certain period of time that is also called landing permission. This way you can travel to the desired country without a visa and will be granted the visa-on-arrival to the airport. Australian permanent residency holders can visit many visa-free countries and this is what we talk about in this article further below.

Visa Free Countries for Australian Permanent Residents

On-Arrival Visa:

Australian residency holders have another option which is called on arrival visa for those countries that are not included in visa-free countries. On arrival, a visa is basically a form of visa which you will receive or apply when you enter that specific country airport. In this way, they can use to take the advantage of health services and support through legally. But they cannot participate in the federal election.

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Visas Free Countries Including in Australian Permanent Residency:

Australian permanent residency holders are owners of the national passport of Australia. They can visit many countries on their residency without visa policy. Following are the most prominent countries that are visa free on the Australian permanent residency.

  • Japan
  • Russia
  • European countries
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Malawi

Other Rights of Australian Permanent Residents:

Once you have Australian permanent residency then you will be able to avail these rights as a resident.

Overseas Assistance:

Australian residency holder has the opportunity for applying for overseas assistance through an Australian consular.

Governmental Facilities:

As there is a time limit to avail the governmental facilities; maximum two years is the waiting period after you can approach medical insurance, social security facilities, and others advantages.

 Rights of Study:

As we mention above Australian have very future in education. As, the residency holders have also an opportunity to work, live and study in New Zealand.

Job Opportunities:

You can do the job in different companies and firms. However, there are some restrictions on an employment and job changes in federal governmental work that Australian residents will have to face.


When you have a permanent residency then you have an opportunity to sponsor your family members as well.

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