Visa Free Countries For Bangladesh 2018

Visa On Arrival for Bangladeshi Passport

Whenever we plan for a holiday abroad the very first hurdle in our way is to arrange the visa of such country where we have planned to go. We do not consider those places where we do not need any sort of visa. Maybe we do not even know such places where people of Bangladesh do not require any sort of visa. These are visa free countries for Bangladesh 2018 updated list.

So if you are planning your next holiday and arranging the visa is a big issue for yours. So spare some time with us and we will let you know all the amazing countries where you do not require any sort of visa. You may not need any visa or the visa of these countries or e-visa which you can have online very easily.

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We consider only those big places which are famous for tourism and are expensive like Europe, the US, and Canada etc. There are many other countries for the people of Bangladesh where they can go very cheap and enjoy the best of their time on holiday. Bangladeshi passport is allowed to travel up to 41 countries without a visa. These include Visa On Arrival and Visa free but the e-visa countries are separate because they do require a visa. E-visa is very easy to get and very minute chance of rejection if you give false information. This is why we have listed the e-visa countries as well.

Visa Free Countries For Bangladesh 2018.

In the first few paragraphs, we have told our readers to must check these visa free countries for Bangladesh where people with Bangladeshi passport can go without applying for a visa or they can get a visa online very easily. So from now on, these countries would be sufficient enough to enjoy your holidays.

Why waste so much time on making your complete application and applying for the visa and still no surety of approval. Instead, you must visit these visa free countries which are equally beautiful like all other placed where we wanted to go before. The list of countries we will mention below would be Visa On Arrival which means you will be issued visa on the time of arrival. Next, the visa free countries where you do not need any sort of visa and then the Electronic visa which is called e-visa which is issued online.

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Top Visa Free Countries For Bangladesh:

So we shall start by listing all the visa free countries for the people of Bangladesh where you are not required to have any visa before arriving. This means you can and stay in the country without any visa up to some allowed time and duration of stay. Enjoy your vacations there and come back to your home country.


If you wish to see a country which has more then 600 islands then Micronesia should be your next choice. It is located on the west side of the Pacific Ocean which has awesome small islands and beaches. People of Bangladesh who have a valid passport for more than 6 months can enter and stay without the visa for up to 30 days. You just need to show the hotel booking, your return ticket and sufficient funds to support your stay in Micronesia.

Micronesia flag

Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago are located in the Caribbean islands which are full of awesome beaches alongside the Caribbean Sea. Port of Spain is a well know city which is the capital of these two islands. They are a combination of two islands named Trinidad and Tobago. People of Bangladesh can travel without a visa in these island countries for 3 months which is quite a good amount to stay in a country and explore.

Trinidad and Tobago flag


Dominica also grants a visa free entry for Bangladeshi nationals with a stay of 6 months. Yes if you travel to Dominica you can stay there for 6 months without any visa. These are the countries people know very less about and have the potential to explore new places and people. It is a very beautiful country in the Caribbean which have hot weather and rain forests. So must try these small countries and explore new places.

Dominica flag


Haiti another Caribbean country allows the people of Bangladesh to have visa free entry and stay in their country. As all the other countries would need a valid passport and hotel booking. It goes the same with Haiti as you must have a hotel booking and a valid return ticket. You can stay up to 3 months in Haiti without any visa. On the east side, you will find Dominica which also gives a visa free stay so you can visit both the neighboring countries.

Haiti flag

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is another Caribbean country which a Bangladeshi can visit easily. Do not think that these are located in the Caribbean so these are less worthy to visit. The Caribbean is a very beautiful collection of islands and very few people visit there. This is why these are visa free so most people come and explore these hidden places. Bangladeshi passport holder can stay for as long as 1 month in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines flag


A country which is made of 80 small islands and awesome beaches is Vanuatu. Vanuatu allows all Bangladeshi passport holders to stay and explore this island for 30 days without a visa. They have an ancient heritage and remaining of world war 2. If you love scuba diving then this is the best place in the world for scuba diving. So you can plan your next trip and explore this hidden places in the world.

Vanuatu flag

Top Visa On Arrival For Bangladesh 2018

Now moving to the next part and listing out some of the best Visa On Arrival Countries for Bangladesh in 2018. Below listed countries are those destinations for people of Bangladesh where they can travel and get a visa on arrival. You must meet some simple requirements like your hotel booking, return ticket and some find to support your stay in these countries so you can get a visa easily on arrival. Below listed countries are the best country to visit easily and have the visa at the time of arrival at the airport. So do keep all the important documents with you and show these to visa officer to move further for the visa process.


Qatar flag

Who would not love to go and see rich Arabs and their lifestyle when you can have a visa on arrival. Qatar allows Bangladeshi people to have a visa on arrival for the duration of 30 days stay. As all the other countries need a valid passport for 6 months at least Qatar also has the same policy. You must also have a valid return ticket which is one of the main visa requirements with a balance of 5000 Qatar Riyal.


Benin flag

The very first country which allows the people of Bangladesh to visit the country visa free is Benin. It is an African country which is located on the west side of Africa. Benin may need some extra information if you want to travel to this country. if you have a valid international certificate of vacation then you are allowed a visa on arrival for 8 days. This is why this is the less likely country any Bangladeshi would choose.


Madagascar flag

Madagascar also grants Visa On Arrival for people of Bangladesh for 3 months with a 75$ fee.You just need a valid passport which has a validity of more than 6 months. Madagascar is a good African country to visit which is located in south east side of the African continent. It is an island type place located on the coast of Africa which has some amazing beaches. So people of Bangladesh can enjoy their visa on arrival vacations there.


Maldives flag

All citizens of Bangladesh are granted visa on arrival for the duration of stay up to 30 days only. You must hold a return ticket and hotel booking to confirm your stay to the visa officer at the airport. For the proof of funds, you must have at least 50$ per day budget with you for the number of days you would stay in the Maldives. You can extend your stay in the Maldives as it is a great place to spend your holiday.


Kenya flag

If you planned to see and witness worlds best wildlife safari then Kenya is your best choice as Kenya allows all Bangladeshi people to have visa on arrival. You can apply for the Kenya visa online as the visa fee for single entry is 51$. Kenya almost allows every country in the world visa on arrival. This is why their system is online and people can apply and pay visa fee online. Kenya does support tourism because of their big wildlife parks which have worlds deadliest animals. So plan your next trip there and enjoy.

Cape Verde:

Cape Verde flag

Cape Verde may sound a new name for all Bangladeshi people this is because we do not look for a new place to explore. Cape Verde also grants visa on arrival for all people of Bangladesh. Thins you would need to apply is the hotel booking, return ticket and visa fee of 40$ for single entry and 80$ for multi entry visa. The one hurdle you may see in their visa requirement is to have a valid UK visa which everyone does not have. If you have a UK visa on Bangladeshi passport then you can go to Cape Verde.


Comoros flag

Comoros is a country located in the neighboring of Mozambique and in the Indian Ocean. It is on the east coast of Africa which allows to stay and love in Comoros for 45 days. You just need a valid travel document and hotel booking with a return ticket. It is an island which has mountains full of volcanic eruptions and tourist can explore these volcanos to make their tour more memorable. So if you are from Bangladesh then this is another option for you.


Guinea-Bissau flag

The very next option for you is a West African country located on the Atlantic coast is Guinea-Bissau. For many people, this would be a very new country which gives a visa free entry for all Bangladeshi nationals. If you have a valid passport then you can stay in this African island country for a maximum of 90 days. They have very beautiful forests and wildlife parks which are worth a visit if you visit Guinea-Bissau.


Mauritania flag

I hope you have heard the name of this Islamic country which is Mauritania. It is called the Islamic Republic of Mauritania because it is an islamic African country. Mauritania is the seventh largest country in the African continent and it is located on the north side of Africa. People of Bangladesh can stay in Mauritania for visa free for the maximum time of 30 days.


Nepal flagComing back to the Asian continent the very first country which gives visa on arrival for the people of Bangladesh is Nepal. Nepal is full of green valleys, mountains, and forests which makes it very beautiful. Himalayan mountain ranges make these green valleys very mesmerizing views to witness. It is located on the south side of Asia and if you like to have a quick trip then you can visit Nepal.


A long veteran of civil war also gives visa on arrival for all Bangladeshi Nationals. Somalia has long been part of the civil war which gave so much damage to this nation. Bangladeshi nationals can get their visa on arrival to visit and stay in Somalia for 30 days. It is located in the center of Africa and Mogadishu is the capital of this country.

Somalia flag

We have covered some of the top Visa On Arrival countries for Bangladesh which is famous and people have traveled there. Our main concern was to point out that destination which can be a good choice and people have had great holidays there. There are some other countries which also grants visa on arrival to all Bangladeshi National people and these are Tuvalu, Togo, Timor-Leste, Seychelles, Samoa, and Palau.

Top E-visa Countries For Bangladesh 2018

This is a quite a new category for the people of Bangladesh to travel with a very easy to get a visa. This is why we have listed these e-visa countries in the list of visa on arrival and visa free. You just need to go the official portal of these countries and simply follow the steps. After submitting your documents and Passport information you will get your visa in your email.

After getting the visa one email just print the visa to show to the immigration officer. Double check the information before submitting because if there is an error after getting the visa you need to change those before arriving the respective country. You may end up rejection or not allowed to enter if your information is not correct or does not match with your data.


Azerbaijan flag

Azerbaijan is located on the border of Asia and Europe and almost every country can get a very easy e-visa for Azerbaijan. You just need to visit the official portal here which is called Asan visa. It is just a 3 simple steps procedure which requires some information. Simple fill all the information and pay 20$ visa fee. You will get your single entry visa within 3 to 5 business days. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and the most visited place.


Bahrain flag

Bahrain also gives e-visa to Bangladeshi Nationals. This country would be your best choice apart of Qatar to spend a good time in a middle east country. Middle east countries are full of rich Arab people and if these things fascinate you to see deserts and rich life of Arabs then you must visit this country. You just need to visit these this official portal and you will find all the necessary information you need to apply for Bahrain e-visa.


Kyrgyzstan flag

A country along the silk route and at the center of Asia also provides e-visa for people of Bangladesh. As all the other countries would require information to process your application for e-visa. It is the same for Kyrgyzstan. Just visit the official portal of Kyrgyzstan here and here you will find all the information you need like vis type and fee you would need to pay to get the visa. It takes only 3 to 5 working days to get the visa.


Malaysia flag

A very well known country which gives e-visa for all people of Bangladesh is Malaysia. This could be the easiest and quick option to choose and plan your holidays. It is very beautiful and well-developed country which you must need to visit because it would be the best choice of place to spend a good holiday. Like all other countries just complete the required information in the official portal of e-visa here and pay around 20$ to get your e-visa in 48 hours perhaps the fastest application procedure.


Tajikistan flag

Tajikistan is another central Asian country which has Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan in its neighbors also gives e-visa to all Bangladeshi people. Like any other e-visa country just go their official e-visa portal here and follow all the steps to get the visa easily. The standard e-visa fee is 50$ and if you are in rush to visit there then you can pay around 70$ to get the e-visa quickly. Make sure to follow all the steps and you will be given visa within 3 to 5 days.


Zimbabwe flag

Zimbabwe also gives e-visa facility to get the visa online. So it would be the best choice to make a sudden plan and visit the world’s best wildlife there. Zimbabwe has many national parks and reserves which have some of the wildest animals in the world. Many top channels do visit Zimbabwe to cover the wildlife and show the world about the wildlife there. So you just need to visit the official portal here and pay around 35$ for single entry visa and 45$ for multi entry visa.


Zambia flag

Another option for you if you want to know another African country which has e-visa facility and has the world best wildlife in Zambia. It is located in the south of Africa which is home to many wildlife animals. It also has some animals reserves and national parks which are made for wild animals. To start the process just visit the official portal of e-visa here and start the application process. Single entry e-visa costs around 51$ and for multi entry visa you need to pay around 81$.

I hope these e-visa countries would be enough for you to make your choice for next holiday trip. However, we have listed only those countries which are very famous for trips and holidays. If you need to know more places which grant e-visa then you can see the list: Antigua and Barbuda, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Myanmar, Saint Kitts and Nevi sand São Tomé and Príncipe,


After listing all the best visa free, visa on arrival and e-visa countries lets end this discussion in a positive vibe. By doing our research and visiting each countries website we have listed out all the information for the visa free countries, visa on arrival and e-visa countries. We have said it numerous times before to double check the requirement for each country you have planned to visit.

This is always a very good practice to check the requirements before planning to visit any country. We shall not be held for any miss leading information as our purpose was not to miss lead you or give you false information. We have tried our best to give you the accurate information so you can learn about new places and their visa requirements.

If you think we have given some false information it would be because of requirements do change time to time and we will update it. Do let us know through the comments about your thoughts and reviews about all the visa free countries for Bangladesh.  These were around 43 in total where any Bangladeshi passport holder can travel and we have covered only the best ones. So do check these and let us know where you have planned to go in the near future.

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