Visa Free Countries For Bhutan 2018

Visa On Arrival for Bhutan

People of Bhutan are allowed to visit visa free in 52 countries. This means you have around 52 options where you can plan your next holidays. In terms of freedom and vis free the Bhutanese passport ranks at 85th position in the world. If you love traveling and looking for next place to visit, you can find all the amazing places here where you can go visa free.

Traveling is a hobby of many people and they love to explore new places in the world. If you are from Bhutan and you love traveling check out these top countries where you can plan your next holiday and full fill your desire to explore new places.

As we have mentioned earlier that the people of Bhutan are allowed up to 52 countries. This means it is around 50+ countries where you can go so it would not be possible for us to cover all the countries. Instead, we will list out some of the best countries or top 10 visa free, visa on arrival and e-visa countries for the people of Singapore.

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Visa Free Countries For Bhutan 2018.

So let’s start with the visa free countries for Bhutan where you have not required any sort of visa. We will list out some of the best top 10 visa free countries which will help you to decide the next destination for your amazing holiday.


Bangladesh is a country you would easily know as it is in Asia and very near to Bhutan. It is a located in the south of Asia on the  Bengal Bay. They have a very big rainforest which is Sundar ban where you can find Bengal tigers very easily. If you have a valid passport of Bhutan you can visit Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and they speak Bengali. Their currency is Taka which is also called Bangladeshi Taka.


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The very next country where you can go visa free is Colombia. The best thing about this country is it is a South American country which means you can visit a South American continent totally visa free. Columbia is located in the south of America and people over there is almost like white American. This could be a great place to explore the South American country. If you have a valid passport you can stay up to 90 days without any visa and you can extend these days to 180 in one year. Bogota is the capital of Colombia and they speak Spanish language and Colombian peso is their official currency.

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puzzle with the national flag of ecuador and bhutan on a world map backgroundAnother South American country where you can go without any visa is Ecuador. It is located on the west coast side of South America and it is home to the great Amazon jungle. People of Bhutan are allowed to stay in Ecuador for 90 days if you have a valid passport. Ecuador is a great choice to visit and see the South American continent and the people of Ecuador. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and they use US Dollar as their national currency. If we talk about the language they also speak Spanish because they have a very old heritage of Spanish colonies way back to 15th century.

Hong Kong.

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An old British colony which is now free and part of China also allows the people of Bhutan to come and visit visa free. It is a highly populated country which is very advanced and you can see from their infrastructure and big sky scrappers. You can stay for a maximum of 14 days with any visa. Central Hong Kong is considered to be the capital city as they have not mentioned a city as their capital. They speak Chinese and their currency is Hong Kong Dollar.


Flags of Bhutan and Indonesia with a white flag in the middleA place which has more than ten thousand islands full of volcanos is Indonesia which also allows visa free travel for the people of Bhutan. This is the best place to visit and enjoy beautiful beaches because of the huge amount of island. Almost every island has their own beautiful beach. If you have a valid passport then you can stay for 14 days in Indonesia without any visa. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and Indonesian Rupiah is their official currency. Malay is their official language and if you want to visit awesome beaches then Indonesia can be your next holiday place.


Panama flagPanama is a very beautiful country in the Central American continent. Panama City is their capital which is a very modern city full of skyscrapers, nightclubs, and restaurants. If you have a valid Bhutanese passport then you can enjoy this awesome modern country in central South America for 180 days. Almost every South American country speaks Spanish and it goes the same for Panama. Panamanian Balboa and US dollar both can be used in Panama.


Flags of Philippines and Bhutan with a white flag in the middleLike Indonesia, Philippines is also made up for more than 7000 islands. It sounds very interesting for a country which is made up of a huge amount of islands. You can almost visit any island in the Philippines and enjoy their awesome beaches. It sounds very amazing for me to visit a country which has so much beautiful islands and beaches. It is located in the Pacific Ocean in the west and south east of Asia. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and they speak Filipino. People of Bhutan can stay for 30 days without any visa.


People of Bhutan can visit Singapore without any visa issue and stay for 30 days visa free. Singapore is a very modern country which has developed so much in the last decade and it is located in the south of Malaysia. Singapore is a very developed and modern country which modern and updated cities with huge skyscrapers. This could be a very good choice for the people of Bhutan to visit this country and see the modern architecture of this amazing country. Singapore dollar is their official currency and they speak English, Malay, Tamil and much more.



If you want to see any Caribbean island then Dominica would be a very great choice. It has amazing beaches and hot springs which is a must visit Caribbean island. People of Bhutan can stay in Dominica for around 21 days without any visa for free. They have rainforests and beaches which make these islands very beautiful. So if you need to see any visa free nation of Caribbean islands Dominica should be your next choice. Roseau is the capital of Dominica and they speak Dominican French. About their national currency, it is Eastern Caribbean dollar which they use as their official currency.

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We have talked about the central American and countries in Asia where you can travel visa free. The next place you can visit visa free is an African nation. The African continent has some of the very beautiful countries which is home to awesome wildlife parks which has amazing wildlife animals. The Gambia also allows the people of Bhutan to travel visa free for 90 days. This could be a very good place to visit and see the natural wildlife of animals. It is located on the west side of Africa. Banjul is the capital city of Gambia and they use Gambian Dalasi as their national currency. English can be used there as a mean of communication.

Bhutan vs Gambia

As we have mentioned at the top that these are just top visa free countries for Bhutan and the list does not end here. You can have many other countries which offer visa free and these are Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, Micronesia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Visa On Arrival Countries For Bhutan 2018.

Now let’s talk about all the countries which give visa to the people of Bhutan on their arrival in their respective airports. Previously we have listed all the countries which do not require any sort of visa. Now we will let you know about the countries which issue visa on the arrival of the passenger. These countries would be for the people of Bhutan where they can get their visa easily on arrival from the immigration department.

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thailand flag

The very first country which issues visa on arrival for the people of Bhutan is Thailand which is located in the South East of Asia. You can witness the old heritage of Buddhism as they have old roots with Buddhism. Their tropical beaches are very worthy to visit and enjoy the beauty of Thailand. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and they speak Thai as their national language. Thai Baht is their official currency and people of Bhutan can get Visa On Arrival for 15 days at the time of their arrival in Thailand.


Who would not know about the country with so much ancient heritage of Egypt mummies and Egypt pharaohs? This is the nation who have a very famous old heritage of keeping their dead bodies safe with chemicals. You would have seen many movies based on the mummy and Egypt pharaohs. Large pyramids who are one of the wonders in the world and still people are not able to find how a man can make this wonderful. If you can visit this place without any visa issue then why to rethink or look for other options. People of Bhutan can get their visa on arrival and visit all those ancient Egypt pharaohs and mummies. Egypt has roots connected to Africa and the Middle East and Cairo is the capital city of this ancient country.

Egypt flag


Iran has an old heritage of Persian colonies which is now named as the Republic of Iran. People of Bhutan can visit this country with visa on arrival facility. It is located in the west of Asia. It comes in both the middle east continent and the Asian continent. You can get your 15 days visa on arrival if you have a valid passport. Tehran is the capital city of Iran and they speak the Persian language due to their old heritage of Persia. About the currency, they use Iranian Rial as their official country.

Iran flag


Jordan flagJordan is another Arab nation after Egypt which gives visa on arrival for all the people of Bhutan. Jordan also has a very old and ancient history of Arabs and it is located next to the Jordan river. Amman is the capital city of Jordan and if you love to see the old history of Arabs then you must visit this country. They use Jordanian Dinar as their official country and they speak the Arabic language. People of Bhutan will get a 3 months visa on arrival which is more than enough to explore any good country.


Maldives flag

Moving from the Arab nation to a beautiful country full of amazing beaches in the Maldives. It is located in the Indian Ocean which has more than 1000 islands which belong to the Maldives. If you want to enjoy some amazing islands and make your trip more awesome. Then people of Bhutan can enjoy the beauty of Maldives with visa on arrival. People of Bhutan are allowed to have 30 days of visa on arrival and stay there to enjoy awesome blue water beaches. Male is the capital city of Maldives and they speak Dhivehi as their official language. Maldivian Rufiyaa is their national currency.


Mauritius flagAnother very awesome nation which is located in the Indian ocean with awesome beaches in Mauritius. Mauritius is a well-known tourist spot in the world and people who love to visit an island full of awesome beaches and crystal clear water is Mauritius. So this can be a very good choice to make your holidays full of fun and joy. Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and English is used their frequently for communication. Mauritian Rupee is the national currency of Mauritius and people of Bhutan can have visa on arrival for 60 days to stay and enjoy your holidays.


Mozambique flagVisa on arrival countries also have some African countries which are a good choice to visit and explore their culture. Mozambique is an African nation which is located in the Indian Ocean. Tofo is a very famous beachside in Mozambique and people love to visit this beach to enjoy the coastline of the Indian Ocean. People of Bhutan can get their visa on arrival for 30 days and visit this awesome African country. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and people speak the Portuguese language. Mozambican Metical is the capital of this great African country.


Nepal flag

People of Bhutan would know this amazing South Asian country which has some amazing mountain ranges like the Himalayas. These mountain ranges make this place more awesome to visit. Nepal is a part of the Indian plain and people of Bhutan can get their visa on arrival very easily. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal which is a very modern city. They use Nepali Rupiah as their national currency. They speak Nepali, Maithili, and mix of Bhojpuri language. Bhutanese passport holders can get their visa on arrival for 90 days to stay and enjoy in Nepal.


Somalia flag

Somalia is another great country of Africa which have long been in the civil war. They have now been recovered from the civil war and people can visit this place. They speak a mix of Italian and English and in their neighbors, they have Ethiopia and Djibouti. Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia and they use Somali Chilling and United States Dollar as their currency. You can get the visa on arrival for 30 days if you have a valid travel document of Bhutan.


Tanzania is another great African country full of wildlife and amazing wildlife parks. It is located on the east side of Africa and they have a very huge land is very well know for the wildlife and dedicated to the wildlife. Serengeti Park is a national reserve for wild animals and it is very famous around the world. Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania and people speak Swahili and English for the communication. Tanzania is a very well known amount the places which have very large national reserves for wildlife and many researchers around the world come here to study and save the life of endangered animals. People of Bhutan can get their visa on arrival for 3 months and enjoy the wildlife in great national reserves of Tanzanian Wild Life.

Tanzania flag

If you still need some more options where you can get a visa on arrival then see some more countries below. We have just covered those countries which are very famous and people would love to go and these are Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tuvalu, Togo, Timor-Leste, Samoa, Palau, Mauritania, Malawi, Guinea-Bissau, and Cape Verde.

E-Visa Countries For Bhutan 2018.

Now we shall move forward and discuss the last part of this long informative blog for visa free travel for Bhutanese people. E-visa is another form of visa which is very easy to get online. It is an electronic visa which is applied online and received online and it is a new way of getting the visa online.

In order to promote tourism in their countries, many countries have started issuing e-visa online so that the applicant does not have to suffer. This is very best and cheap visa to get rather than visiting the embassy and applying your self. It does add a lot to the problems if the embassy of the country you want to apply is not very near.

Keeping this thing in mind they have started giving visas online. So we do not have to travel just to apply and submit the application. We will list out some of the top countries who have started issuing visas online for their customers to promote tourism. Tourism is a very big business for any country to earn foreign investment to help the economy to boost.


Armenia flagArmenia is the country which gives an e-visa for all the people of Bhutan who have a valid passport. Armenia is a very beautiful country which was previously part of Soviet nations. You can see the ancient heritage of Soviet nations and it has infrastructure same as any European country. It is at the end of Asia and the start of Europe, cities and all other places has a standard of any European nation. It is a very nice place to visit if you plan to see a country quite similar to any European nation. Follow this official site here and apply your e-visa. You will 6$ if you want to stay for 21 days and 31$ fee for 120 days stay.


Georgia flagGeorgia is another very beautiful country next to Armenia and Azerbaijan. People do make mistake and think of this country like the united states Georgia. This Georgia is different from the US Georgia and still, this place is a worth to visit. Simply you just need to visit the official portal of the Georgian embassy which is here and here the people of Bhutan can apply for the e-visa. The validity of Georgia e-visa is 4 months and the e-visa fee is 20$ plus 59$ service charges. You just need to fill out the information and it will take only 5 days to have your visa online.


Cambodia flagCambodia is an Asian country which allows all the people of Bhutan to visit this country which is located in South of Asia and next to Vietnam. The coastline also attaches with the coast of Thailand. People of Bhutan can apply for the e-visa from the official portal here The Cambodia visa fee is around 7$ plus the processing which is also 7$ and the arrival fee of around 30$. You will easily get your visa in a couple of days.


Ukraine flagA beautiful country in the east side of Europe which allows all the people of Bhutan to apply for e-visa and visit this awesome European country. You will get your e-visa in a couple of days which would be valid of 30 days only. The visa fee is around 65$ which you need to pay online in order to get the visa. Visa process is simple just visit the official portal here and apply for your e-visa.


Qatar flag

A very beautiful Arab nation which welcomes the people of Bhutan with their e-visa so they can witness and enjoy the beauty of the middle east country. Qatar is a very good country to visit and they allow people from around 89 countries to visit their country. They have developed so much in recent years and it is worth a visiting country. The process to apply for this country is same as all other e-visa countries. Just visit their e-visa portal here and pay your e-visa fee which is around 27$ and 14$ for visa service charges. You will get your visa in 3 to 5 business days.


Malaysia flagAnother great option for the people of Bhutan is to get the e-visa of Malaysia which is located in Southeast of Asia. It has some very beautiful beaches which will make your trip more awesome. To start the process of your e-visa application you just need to visit their official port which is here Their visa process is very fast and they issue e-visa in just 48 hours. Their e-visa fee is just 20$ which you need to pay online in the e-visa portal.


Kenya is located on the east side of Africa which is home to worlds best wildlife park. It has a coastline that connects with the Indian ocean. You may have heard the name of Maasai Mara Reserve which is one of the great wildlife parks in the capital city of Nairobi. This wildlife park has some of the wildest animals like lions, elephants, cheetah and much more. These type of animals which we only see on tv or the zoo. You can visit these national parks very easily as you just need a simple e-visa. If you are from Bhutan then you just need to go to their official portal here and apply for the e-visa. The e-visa fee is 53$ and service fee is 35$ and you will get your visa in 2 to 4 business days.

Kenya flag


Lesotho flagYou may have heard this country name for the very first time so it would be a good choice to explore a new place. Lesotho is a country which is surrounded by South Africa which has a combination of rivers and high peak mountains. Maseru is the capital of Lesotho and it has a very ancient root date to 15th century.

For the e-visa to start you just need to visit their official portal which is and you will get your e-visa in just 72 hours. It is a very good African country which has so many beautiful places to visit and people of Bhutan can get their e-visa in 150$. If you need a multi entry visa then the visa fee is around 250$.


A central Asian country which has its old roots with soviet nations. It is located right at the center of the ancient silk route which connects Asia with Europe in past. You can see all the ancient roots by just applying for a simple visit visa. To apply for the e-visa you just simply visit their e-visa portal which is here and follow all the simple steps. Their visa fee has variations according to the visa type. Visa fee for one month is 60$ which will be issued in 7 working days and if you need an urgent visa you need to pay around 110$. If you need a visa for more then one month they can extend it to 3 months and visa fee is 70$ and 130$ for an urgent visa.

Kyrgyzstan flag


Myanmar is a south east country located in the heart of Asia and it is also called Burma. It is surrounded by India, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, and Laos. You will find more than 100 religion and ethnic group which is a very interesting fact of this country. Bhutanese people are allowed to have e-visa and you just need to visit their official portal here and apply for your e-visa. Their visa fee is around 50$ for the online visa application and you will get your visa with simple 4 easy steps to follow and submit your application.

Myanmar flag

If you still have not found any good e-visa country then you can see some more options below. We have listed out some of the best 10 countries which are famous and give e-visa countries. If you still need more options then check Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe and Sri Lanka.


We have tried are best to find some of the best countries for the people of Bhutan to help them find the next destination for their holidays. We have listed some of the best top 10 countries for visa free, visa on arrivals and e-visa countries. We have collected all the information from the official sources to give you the best and accurate knowledge.

If you think there is some information which you think is not correct or need some changes do let us know through comments as there is always a room for error which is human error possibility. These are the countries which people would love to visit and make their next awesome trip. Just follow the visa steps of each country and you would get the visa very easily.

People of Bhutan are allowed to 52 countries with very easy visa policy and we do not consider these options. We only consider countries which are top countries in the world and so their visa policy is very tough. We should try to visit these new countries and explore new things about these countries.

We hope these countries would be one of your next destinations and this would be the result and outcome of our hard work to provide you the latest countries which allow visa free travel for the people of Bhutan. Keep in mind to have a validity of more than six months in your passport. For e-visa always make double check before submitting an application.

If issued a visa with wrong information the visa officer would not allow you to enter as the e-visa are check by the immigration officer to check your information. They will check your information and match it with your travel document. Have a great journey and have amazing fun on your next holiday trip.

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