Visa Free Countries For Nepal Passport

Where can Nepalese go without visa

Visa Free Countries For Nepal Passport information. Nepal is one of the sans visa nations. International index of Nepal positions as 90th all through the world. Because of which, Nepali individuals can go to more than 38 nations without orchestrating anything further for the visa; visa can be acquired on landing or for some destinations – it is not even required. These 38 nations Nepalese can visit without visa where many other people wish to travel, hence, it is not much anxiety if you are a Nepal passport holder. The only thing that you the citizens of Nepal has to regard is their desired destination’s visa necessities.Visa Free Countries For Nepal Passport


You should have a legitimate Nepalese international ID. We generally propose you make promote request from the international safe haven of the nation you tend to visit before you enter their property. Nepalese individuals can visit these nations without any paper hustle provided they do ensure the given document checklist. Have a look at the rundown of nations where Nepali individuals can have access against a simple legitimate Nepalese international ID.

if you are very much aware of the visa necessities which incorporate having a legitimate Nepalese international ID. We generally recommend you make extra enquiries from the government office of the nation you mean to visit before traveling to destination. Nepalese have now dismissed the melancholy mind-set of living in one nation as a whole by going to some of the international destinations which they have been given free access to. Following mentioned is the list of those destinations that one can visit with a substantial Nepalese identification.

Visa Free Countries For Nepal Passport


  • Visa on arrival -90 days

Bolivian culture has been intensely impacted by the Quechua, the Aymara, and in addition the mainstream cultures of Latin America in general.

The social advancement is partitioned into three particular periods: precolumbian, pilgrim, and republican. Essential archeological vestiges, gold and silver decorations, stone landmarks, earthenware production, and weavings stay from a few vital pre-Columbian societies. Significant vestiges incorporate Tiwanaku, El Fuerte de Samaipata, Inkallaqta and Iskanawaya. The nation possesses large amounts of different destinations that are hard to reach and have seen minimal archeological investigation


  • Visa on arrival – 30 days

Regardless of its little size, Singapore has an assorted qualities of dialects, religions, and societies. Previous Prime Ministers of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong, have expressed that Singapore does not fit the customary depiction of a country, calling it a general public on the move, bringing up the way that all Singaporeans don’t talk similar having same dialect, have a similar religion, or have similar traditions. Despite the fact that English is the main dialect of the country, as per the 2010 statistics, 20% of Singaporeans are ignorant in English. This is however a change from 1990, when 40% of Singaporeans were uneducated in English.

The iconic architecture

Singapore’s horizon is as notable as it is pleasant, peppered with unmistakable outlines, for example, the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands. Voyagers searching for a little understanding into Singapore’s structural history can join The National Gallery Singapore’s Building History Tour which strolls you through the authentic previous Supreme Court and City Hall structures.


  • Visa on arrival -30 days

Maldives, a tropical island country with 1190 islands scattered more than 20 regulatory atolls is an overjoyed area arranged in the hearts of the Indian Ocean. Words can’t clarify its uniqueness, tranquility, and protection; palm bordered, sun-splashed shorelines, turquoise tidal ponds, and coral reefs abounding with a changed submerged landscape that hosts one of the world’s wealthiest marine life.

Sunny side of life is honored with supernatural and stunning showcases of daylight for the majority of the year. Like tropical nations, the Maldives appreciates a wet and dry season. Advantageously, the humid and hot climate is supplemented with cooling ocean breezes and intermittent rain.

Northeast Monsoon or the dry season locally called as “Iruvai” proceeds from the month of January to March. However, Southwest Monsoon or the wet season called as “Hulhangu” advances from the month Mid-May to November. Generally, the locals utilized a schedule called “nakaiy” in order to distinguish climate improvements.

In the midst of two seasons, there is almost no adjustment in temperature. This makes each season being the best season in order to visit Maldives.


  • Visa on arrival -30 days

Djibouti’s atmosphere is extremely hot, muggy and parched, particularly in the late spring. The mid – year warmth is directed, be that as it may, by a supported breeze in the seaside city of Djibouti. From October to April, the temperature is cooler, with infrequent rain. Twisters from the Indian Ocean make overwhelming downpours and glimmer flooding.

The city of Djibouti has many spots to eat and traveler traps. On the off chance that you are keen on western cooking, be set up for sticker stun. In the event that you are keen on great nearby food, then you and your wallet will be more joyful for the experience. For instance, the Ethiopian Community Center offers a wide assortment of dishes with a neighborhood style which are extremely wonderful, safe to eat, and sensibly evaluated. Best to maintain a strategic distance from spots that the voyagers hang out at, and you will be more joyful for the experience. Normal cost per feast outside of a vacationer is no more than $4 including drink.

Rest Of The Countries:


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 30 Days
  • Visa can be obtained at International Bujumbura Airport

Cape Verde:

  • On – arrival visa process


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 90 Days


  • On – arrival visa process


  • No requirement of visa – validity: 21 Days

Guinea – Bissau:

  • On – arrival process – validity: 90 Days


  • The citizens of Nepal may work and live freely under the act of Indo – Nepal 1950 Treaty of Friendship & Peace.


  • No requirement of Visa – validity: 3 months


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 90 Days


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 90 Days


  • On – arrival visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa – validity: 90 Days


  • On – arrival visa


  • On – arrival visa process


  • No requirement of visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival eVisa process – validity: 28 Days
  • Nepalese passport holders are required to arrive via Mandalay, Nay Pye Taw or Yangon Airports.


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 30 Days


  • Visa not required – validity: 1 Month




  • No requirement of Visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 30 Days

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines:

  • No requirement of visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa process – validity: 90 Days


  • On – arrival entry permit – validity: 60 Days


  • On – arrival entry permit – validity: 30 Days

Sri Lanka:

  • Electronic authorization required for travelling – validity: 30 Dyas


  • On – arrival visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa – validity: 3 Months


  • On – arrival visa – validity: 7 Days

Timor – Leste:

  • On – arrival visa – validity: 30 Days


  • On – arrival visa


  • On – arrival Visa process – validity: 1 Month


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