Visa free countries for Philippines 2017

Visa free countries for Philippines 2017

The Philippines contain 57th rank in the powers of the passport. It contains one hundred fifty seven countries to enter into without visa. These visa free countries for Philippines 2017 are free for their departure and arrival. They have the good ranking as the passport holders of Zambia, Namibia, Mali, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Nigeria has. The top of the list country is the United States of America is that has the access to one hundred forty seven countries without an advanced visa. Several countries open their airports for Philippine by offering them on arrival visa.

Philippine passport holders can easily avail access to Sweden, France and Spain. According to the ranking, the planning and citizenship takes into consideration how many countries offer on arrival visa or the visit without a visa. By holding Philippine passport candidates do not have to apply for visa for some countries. Philippine passport holders can visit 157. For the applicants, it works when they apply for a passport. They can visit these countries or can stay there for, business, tourism, study or residence.

Visa free countries for Philippines 2017

List of visa free countries for Philippines 2017

There are several countries but some are given below

  • Turkey
  • Kosovo
  • Georgia
  • Caicos Islands, Turks
  • Saint Vincent
  • Haiti
  • Dominica
  • Anguilla
  • Central America
  • Gambia
  • Kenya
  • Djibouti
  • Comoros
  • Cape Verde Islands

Details about Philippine Passport

The Philippine passport is issued by the Philippine authorities of Government for their Citizens. It is quite simple to get Philippine passport online due to the biometric system. PILIPINAS is obvious above the coat of arms. The Word PASPORTE written under it. It contains symbol  at the bottom of the front cover. The color of ordinary passport is maroon.

Some of the vital fields of the passport are given below.

  1. Passport holders signature
  2. Date of expiry
  3. Authority
  4. Date of issue
  5. Place of birth
  6. Date of birth
  7. Gender
  8. Nationality
  9. Surname
  10. Given name
  11. Code of issuing State (GBR)
  12. Type (P)
  13. Photograph of the owner/holder

Types of Passport

Department of foreign Affairs offers three types of Philippines Passports. These are formed in colors of diplomatic dark blue, official red, maroon regular or ordinary.

  1. Fill up application form for passport

Fill a form for this purpose and submit it online, form AN-application for naturalization as Philippine citizens. Read the requirements booklet that is available with it. Fill it carefully.

  1. Check passport authorities requirement Service

It is vital to full fill the requirement of the authorities.

  • National ID Card’s Xerox Copy
  • Photographs
  • Passport fee
  • Requirements as per the types of the passport
  1. Hire a representative or agent for this purpose

If you do not know how to do all these procedures then hire an agent who is well aware of the whole legal procedure.

How to apply for a Philippine passport of high-ranking:

Candidate can apply for the passport online by filling the form. If you are going manual then you have to take the form online and fill it with these items.

  1. A recent passport size photograph
  2. Print and post your form on the address given on the form
  3. Contact passport advice line and get the updates about the passport

The duration of the passport delivery is 3 weeks.




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