Italy Visa Types, Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Requirements for Visa to Italy

It is highly dependent on the type of visa you seek to apply to Italy for what the document requirements will be. There are two sets of visa requirements that are applicable – one is the general terms and conditions whilst the other is are the additional requirements that are applicable according to the type of visa being applied for. There are many different purposes for which you might seek a visa to Italy including business, residential and study. However, the most common type of visa applied for to Italy is visit (tourist) visa.

Italy Visa Types, Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Italy Schengen Visa:

Italy has been a part of the Schengen territory ever since the year 1997. So it has been almost around 2 decades that Italy allows foreign people to cross its borders and visit or stay in their country. Italy is also a member of the European Union.

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Italy – Tourist Destination:

Italy is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. The world’s most popular tourist destinations including San Marino and the Vatican City are part of the Italian State. It has been revealed that ever since Italy became a part of the Schengen territory, it has been granting tourist visit visas the most. This is also a direct contributor to the progress of the economy. According to recent stats conducted in 2015-16, it was revealed that Italy has issued around 18, 00,000+ visas out of which around 70 to 75 percent are visit visas. The rejection rate of visas has also been relatively low for Italy in comparison to other states.

General Requirements for Italy Visa:

The following are the general requirements for Italy visa that all applicants need to fulfill. The visa application form I available for download from the official embassy site.

  • Valid passport with up to 3 months validity left
  • Passport size pictures 2-3 (14×14 dimensions)
  • Cover letter stating purpose of travel
  • Bank statement for previous 6 months transactions and financial records
  • Proof of citizenship of home country
  • Birth Certificate (if applicant is minor in age)
  • Guardian/Parent NIC copies (if applicant is minor in age)

Additional requirements for Italy Visa:

If you seek to apply for Italy visa, there are other requirements in addition to the general terms that need to be fulfilled in order for the visa application to progress further.

  1. Tourist Visit Visa

For the grant of a tourist visa, you will require providing sponsor details; bank statement that supports your stay in the country as well as accommodation and trip duration details.

  1. Transit Visa

You will require submitting a cover letter stating the purpose of travel as well as visa details of the final destination.

Italian Visa Policy:

There is a general speculation that if you get Schengen Italy visa, it will be only for one particular city or region and you will require a visa to travel to other cities. This is however not true. You do not require a visa to travel from city to city within Italy. The state visa will permit you to travel to any part of the country freely.

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