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Visa Requirements for Moldovan Citizens

Visa Requirements for Moldovan Citizens

Authorities of other countries impose administrative entry restrictions on Moldovan citizens as per the visa requirements for Moldovan citizens. As per the immigration laws from 1st January 2017 Moldova offers visa free or on arrival visa entry to one hundred two territories and countries. Moldovan Passport has attained 54th position in the ranking. Moldovan citizens have travel freedom as per the rules of the Henley Visa restrictions index. Citizens of Moldova were offered visa free entry to twenty six countries of Schengen Area on 28 April 2014. They are granted visa free entry to Romania, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria. It is for those countries that have been applied for Schengen policy and for those countries that have no immigration control and Vatican City, Andorra, San Marino and Monaco. Visa Disclaimer applies to biometric passports holders. Allowing easy travelling facilities is the responsibility of Government authorities.

Visa Requirements for Moldovan Citizens

The Government of the Republic of Moldova permits citizens of specific territories or countries to visit Moldova for business purpose or tourism without obtaining visa. It depends on bilateral agreements. They can apply for the visa for other countries in the embassy of their country in which they are residing. They can apply for eVisa online.

Requirements for visa application

Applicants should fulfill the requirements of the visa applications. They should be passport holders of Moldova. For this purpose they have to submit national Identity Card in the format of Swiss citizens, Sammarinese, Monegasque, Liechtensteiner and format for EU.

Tourist Visa Requirements

The tourist visa is a permit to its holders to visit or tour the country. They are granted this visa for visiting family, friends and relatives. They are not allowed to be busy in business or other work activities in the Republic of Moldova. Applicants have to submit visa charges with the official tourist visa form, photographs and passport copy.

Requirements of Work Visa and Temporary Residence Visa:

For living or working in Moldova, applicants have to apply for temporary residence visa. For this purpose secure job offer from the Government department, Moldova based foreign company and Moldovan company.  The criteria of this visa approval, applicant has to submit work experience, passport copy and photographs and educational qualifications.

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