Countries Where Pakistani Don’t Need a Visa

Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Pakistan is one of those few countries that have progressed in the backward direction over the past few years instead of moving forward. A few years back, Pakistan was considered a developing country with a not very strong yet stable economy and peaceful nation.

However, in the past recent years, Pakistan has emerged as an extremist nation on the face of the earth because of terrorism and extremism on the rise in the country. The political setup of the country has also not been very supportive and in favor for the country’s outlook in the world. Hence, today Pakistan is seen as an ‘underdeveloped’ country and this is pretty obvious by the national passport of Pakistan. Today, a very restricted number of countries allow Pakistani national citizens to visit their countries visa-free. All other nations have very strict and rigid laws for the Pakistani nationals.

Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan

Countries Where Pakistani Don’t Need a Visa

Ranking of Pakistani Passport:

The strength of any country’s passport can easily be guessed by how many countries allow it a visa-free access across their borders. The stability and strength of passport depend on a collection of different factors i.e. political, social, economic and cultural. In accordance to a recent survey in 2017, it has been specified that currently, the Pakistani passport ranks at 103rd position globally. As a result, there are very few countries that allow the Pakistani permanent residents or passport holders to visit their country without a visa.

Visa-free countries for Pakistan:

There are only 6 out of the 150+ countries in the globe that welcome Pakistani national without a visa. These countries are under-developed and many of the lack even the basic necessities of life such as food, water, and shelter. It is unfortunate that Pakistan is ranked so low.

6 Countries that Allow Visa-Free Travel:

The following are the six countries that will allow you to travel without a visa to their country if you are a national citizen of Pakistan and have the green passport.

  1. Haiti
  2. Dominica
  3. Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Micronesia
  5. Vincent
  6. Vanuatu

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