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What is Student Schengen visa and how can I apply for it

What is Student Schengen visa and how can I apply for it

A student Schengen visa is best translated into a genuine authority granted by the government of Schengen country to the applicant, only after the applicant is accepted at a certified educational institute/establishment. The holder of student Schengen visa is not obliged to have a citizenship of designated Schengen country in order to follow their study, but it is not immigrant visa either, Any student belongs to a citizenship of a country that requires having a student visa to enter any Schengen country is obligated to hold one.

Who applies for student Schengen visa?

Every student who does not have the citizenship of Schengen country and wishes to study in a designated Schengen country must apply for a student Schengen visa. If the study period is more than 90 days, as it is the case in most scenarios,an academic yer is longer than 90 days, will have to apply for a residency permit, that will grant you to live in designated country for a period of one year.

What is the documentation required for student Schengen visa?

The applicant/student will have to download the application form for the visa, and fill it electronically or manually as he sees fit.  The signed application form, along with all the necessary other documents, will be handed by the applicant to the embassy/consulate of designated country, in his native country, personally. The documents that are attached along with application form are:

  • A valid passport
  • Documentation regarding as to how the applicant intends to stay in Europe. The applicant may have to provide the following proof: Cash in bank/ convertible to currency, Traveller’s cheque, and cheque book for a foreign currency account, credit cards or any such means that can be provided as a means of hard money.
  • Proof regarding the applicant accommodation. In the case of the student, it is not necessary as long as the proof that he will have sufficient funds to provide for himself as long as he is in a foreign country.
  • 2 latest photos of applicant/student in the format of passport.
  • Course of travel plan
  • Medical/travel insurance that is valid for the applicant/student’s entire stay in foreign country
  • Letter of acceptance from the university, the applicant will be studying in
  • A bank receipt to prove all the tuition fee and misc. for the university I paid by the applicant.

It depends o the embassy/consulate of the applicant native home, that they might ask for some additional documentation such as medical certification and police character certification.

What are the applications for student Schengen visa submitted?

The applicant will have to submit the visa application to embassy/consulate, where they will be starting their studies in

How long is a student Schengen Visa valid for?

A student visa is valid for a period of 90 days, for the students, who have to continue their studies for more duration of time will have to apply for a residency permit. It is common to apply for the residency permit when you have arrived at Schengen country with Schengen visa.

The great thing about getting a residency permit is that you can freely visit any Schengen country without having to apply for its Visa.

What is Schengen Visa requirement for students, who are already on a student visa?

If a student is already on a student visa in any other country, non-Schengen country, and wishes to apply for student visa in Schengen country, they should keep two things in mind: The student will have to stay in the country he hold students visa for, for at least a month before applying for Schengen visa. And the student is allowed to make a visa application only if he is staying in the country he holds student visa for.

But before the applicant applies for visa, they are required to have some necessary document

  • Complete and appropriate application form. That is signed as well
  • Tha applicants passport and residency permit stamp.
  • Two latest photos of the applicant, that is in the format of passport.
  • The offer letter issued to the applicant by the university. The authorities require the original, signed and stamp letter.
  • Original bank statement of the applicant of the previous month and contains sufficient funds.
  • Travel insurance to cover the course of travel

How long does it take to receive a student Schengen visa?

It takes a period of maximum three months to get a student Schengen visa it is advised that if the applicant does not receive any response during this time, then his visa application is denied. A usual response is delivered in about a month.

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