When we met Italy…

Not long ago the two of us (Supposedly Best friends/brothers) decided to turn towards ITALY and see what it has in store. It had always been a dream destination for us, though no particular reason except for fancy names of its cities inspired by Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IMAGINE TWO YOUNG SINGLE BOYS PLANNING ITALY AS A DESTINATION FOR BACHELOR TRIP !!

So it all started with quick booking straight to Venice from Rotterdam, we used the cheapest option and that was Ryan Air (OFCOURSE) from Eindhoven airport to Treviso Airport in Venice. Landed around 8:00 PM in the night and travelled through a bus all the way in to the beautiful island of Venice *Tickets to Venice Treviso were cheap but airport to the island was a little expensive*. Being honest, by the time we reached it was nearly midnight and even though we were staying next to Rialto bridge, Venice was dead AF. Little did we know that the city is magical once the sun shines.

Venice was nothing less than a fairy tale, special credits to our friend (can not name her) for taking us around and giving us the un-adulterated experience of the city. From Rialto bridge, to the bridge of sigh to the ferry tour ending at piazza San Marco, lets not forget Punta della Dogana, the list is never ending. We must not forget the most amazing pesto and mozzarella wraps (tuna filled) that we treated ourselves with in Venice, can still taste it. Clarification, Venice is not at all a Lovey dove, smoochy, honey moon place, its a city worth exploring and getting lost in those tiny alleys that would take you right out in to the sea. Remember, it isn't as cheap, but for a great experience do try AIRBNB. Not to forget Venice has great shopping, do check out ZARA in Venice ! Lastly, if one gets a chance to run away from life,Venice should be the city./
Venice took us straight to PISA. Any idiot would've only missed the leaning tower of Pisa while in Italy. First look did impress us though not up to the puff, its just a circular tower leaning on one side.You get goosebumps while going to the top but once you are there its quite satisfying to get that feeling of accomplishment. PISA only had the leaning tower in store for us along with PIAZZA dei Miracle and a few others in the same centre. Very short yet quality time in Pisa, made us quiet excited for Florence. No penny spent except on souvenirs. One thing about PISA is that you can take a lot of amazing pictures, we blame our Pindi boys, one should see how it happens under the leaning tower ?

If you are really interested in art then Florence is the city for you ! It voluntarily makes you fall in love with itself. You see art, architecture, skill, craft and so much more in just every corner. From huge naked statues to serene fountains, all work of esteemed crazy artists. For us Florence wasn't the best out of the lot since we were already very tired of museums and heritage but for others this has to be a must go city. Florence cathedral, Uffizi gallery and Ponte Vecchio were major attractions but one place which was really an icing on top of the cake was Piazza Michelangelo right in the evening. It made us reflect on our lives and how stupid have we been in the past, ha ha ha ! None the less, If you go to Florence, make sure you go to this place or else you'll have life long regrets. Not that expensive, do try macarons and ice cream in Florence, also famous panini.

From Florence it was a day long stop in Naples and then half day in Procida. Starting off with Procida, a beautiful island around 45 minutes from Naples by ferry. It seldom has access to internet and is now a rare tourist destination since it is undergoing massive restoration. Luckily, we managed to end up in procida for half a day and we still cherish this time. Walked for more than 3 hours all around the island, experienced some crazy beautiful nature and lots of abuses by native Italians. For us, this was a perfect place for serious conversations and a lot of fighting, though i admit, this could be a perfect bf/gf or a honeymoon destination. If you surely want some peace, explore some old mansions, take awesome pictures, then do drop by procida you'll love it. Naples, was just an evening matter yet a place which you cant forget. Home to true Italian mafia culture, you can feel that MARIO PUZZO essence in every lane, as if you are shooting for The Godfather. None the less, pizza from SORBILLO is the best memory that we have of Naples, IN REALITY IT IS TRULY THE HOME TO THE MOST AUTHENTIC AND INSANE PIZZAS. Plus Naples is extremely cheap in terms of food and accommodation.

Rome was our last stop, certainly because we had a direct flight back to Rotterdam. An epitome of architecture and a home to histories greatest artists, Rome surely surprised us with its beauty. From Colosseum to Pantheon to Spanish steps to an evening at Trevy fountain and most importantly roadside dinner facing old Rome (bear in mind we were not alone for dinner) , everything was just to the point. Rome also has a mad night life, you can find night clubs and lots of pubs. For us, The yellow was our hostel which gave us a good and a long night to enjoy. People who want to enjoy a good touristy destination, they should definitely visit Rome. It is much more than architecture and truly stands to the hype. The city itself isn't that expensive, has some good food, MARVELLOUS DESSERTS (do try ice cream from Venchi) , amazing night life and beautiful people. 2 days for Rome are enough if you like to walk.

Vatican is a must visit because of its close proximity to Rome. Sistine chapel and Saint Peters basilica are an example of fine religious architecture. You can go all religious and peaceful since its a place of high respect. A serene city where you experience authentic christian architecture, do wait for evening masses at Saint Peters, they are a delight to watch.

Italy was undoubtedly a dream come true, enjoyed every single experience of ours from food to architecture, met hospitable people and enjoyed great company. You can travel alone, with your spouses/partners, family or with your best friend. Its a must go destination !!

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feeling great in Italy.
When we met Italy…


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