Who can get Schengen States Visa insurance?

Who can get Schengen States Visa insurance?

The majority of the time, when people decide to go on a vacation or for work in another country, they tend to forget an initial step, to get insured. No one can what will happen to the person traveling or their family in the home country. It is always advisable to get insurance in case some don’t go their way. Nobody knows what to expect once they are in foreign country, they might get sick, or they might get into the accident. So it is best to get insurance in such cases. People traveling to Schengen states have benefit regarding this. People who can get or are ideally suitable for insurance are:

  • Visitor/guest on visitor visa
  • Business travellers on business visa
  • Tourists on tourist visa
  • Group visitors on visitor visa for travel groups

Any individual, staying in the Federal Republic of Germany, or in any of the European Union, those have signed and fully abide by the Schengen Convent. These countries are 26 in total.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance:

With Mawista Visum, traveller gets an insurance plan during their stay in any of the Schengen state. Due to this insurance plan, they get Protection from a high cost of illness or accident during their stay in Schengen states.

Requirements of Travel insurance:

There are some things that need to be kept in mind before getting travel insurance such as:

  • The maximum acceptance age is 64 years
  • Maximum insurance period is 183 days
  • Minimum insurance period is 8 days
  • If applied for insurance before entry then there I no wait, but if you apply after a month of your arrival or after the 7th day of your arrival you will have to wait for 7 days.
  • Follow up for the insurance is before expiry
  • Payment is made in single visit, after conclusion
  • The policy is valid for12 month after the use
  • It the visa is refused, the policy can be cancelled free of cost

What are the benefits that are insured?

  • Travel Health Insurance
  • In-patient treatment
  • Other Benefits such as Burial cost, Return travel to home country
  • Personal liability insurance

What benefits are not included in insurance?

  • Some treatment, that are the reason for traveling to the country
  • Dental treatment that cost more 250 Euros
  • Messages and wellness treatment
  • Treatment for drug abuse
  • Delivery after 36th week of pregnancy
  • Treatment due to infirmity
  • Treatment of any mental disorders

What happens if your guest does not get approval for their visa?

In case the guest you have insured for does not get approval for their visa, Insurance policy will be reimbursed. The application must be submitted by 30 days of refusal to grant said person visa. If you need to reimburse insurance policy, you need to submit original insurance policy with the notice of refusal letter for the visa from embassy/consulate and the full copy of your guest’s passport. But you should keep in mind that you will be reimbursed only after the insurance policy expires, that is after 12 months.

How and the policy be purchased/ or paid for?

You can pay for insurance in cash or you can give authority to the insurance company to debit the amount to your Germany account.

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