Who wants #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?

Who wants #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?

1035 USD ki mehngi ticket ko miss karwayen..

Long post, but informative 😊

We are in Baku, a family of 2 adults, 2 children and an Infant..


We travelled Mahan Air return ticket 38.5K LHE-IKA tehran (tickets purchased a month earlier than travel)

Now you have a few options for onwards journey to Baku.

– Option 1. Cheapest and quickest :
You can get a taxi from Tehran to Astara (Azerbaijan border)
distance around 7 hours non stop and cost 650,000 tomans.. Which equates to 10,000 per taxi of 4 persons.. 2500 per person..

– Option 2 (recommend ) :
This whole journey goes through north of Iran which is as beautiful as anywhere else.
You can go from tehran to Ramser, cost around 6k PKR for a taxi of 4 persons. Stay one or two nights at the beautiful Ramser. Take further 3 hours journey and stay one night at picturesque Bander Anzali (cost pkr 3k per taxi) . Then take 3 hours journey to Astara border (cost 4k per taxi ) and stay one night over there.

The crossing over at astara border was super easy.. Exit and entry both hardly took half an hour..
And then taking a taxi to Baku takes around 70 manat.. Easily available.. But our dear friend Elnur Allahverdiyev was kind enough to arrange it before hand..

Hotel Cost 3* at Bander Anzali, Ramser and Astara around 6 to 7k each night right next to the beach.

The whole of these places are amazingly beautiful Pictures attached😍

– Option 3 (complete by air ):
From Ika to GYD you can take Azerbaijan Airlines return around usd 200 pp.

Yes you will need a double entry Iran visa and that costs around 15k PKR per person.

If you need any further help I will be glad.

While of this idea was inspired from a YouTube travel blog. Link shared.

Happy travelling 💕

Who wants  #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?
Who wants  #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?
Who wants  #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?
Who wants  #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?
Who wants  #Lahore #Baku return for PKR 60k?


  1. Thanks a lot but dont u think this all is so much of paun…:) Uzbek is gd to go…Have exposure and stay longer.

  2. Got return tickets from Uzbek airways for 70k purchased a month in advance. Less hassle with brief transits in Tashkent. Transit visa to Tashkent is also very easy and you can opt for an option of 3 day transit for $55 per person

  3. Opinion on having entry and exit in Iran being a sanctioned and country of interest – how will this affect later westerm travels and immigrations? Going to USA or UK etc?

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